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Harness the Power of the SUN



Roof & Ground Mounted Systems
• Solar grid-tie or off-grid

Commercial / Industrial

Flat Roof & Ground Mounted Systems
• A solar system typically yields 5-10% rate of return on the cash invested.


Barn Roof & Ground Mounted Systems
• Poultry, dairy, and horse barns
• Sheds or shops

RV / Marine

Bring power when you go off-grid
• Portable system to charge your batteries with the sun

Electric Car Charging Systems

The electricity output from a solar array can be sized to match the expected power needs of your electric vehicle.

Battery Back-up

Store your own energy via battery backup and have the power you need.

Net Metering Systems

When you generate more solar electricity than you consume, you receive a credit to your account which can be used for future consumption.




Solar panel experience

Environmentally sustainable solution to your energy needs.

• Become less dependent on your electrical utility company

• Be more environmentally conscious while saving your money

• Reliable and durable

• Clean, safe, and quiet infinite energy investment

Our Work

The sun powers everything that grows on earth.
It is a source of energy we can trust to power our world with no harm to our environment.

Complete Package

We will take care of your solar project from start to finish. Not sure where to start? We offer free consultations.

Top Quality

We take pride in our workmanship and service using top quality, name brand solar products.


We have experience in a variety solar system settings so we can recommend and install the best solution for your needs.


Here’s what people are saying about

You have been a great contact in building my business. Not only have you help me with financing but your service has be bar none to everyone else. Thank you again for all you have done. Please keep in touch.
Matthew Malkin
Business Development, Western Organics Management
As this being my first venture into solar energy, i was very unaware of cost, the return on investment and the technology behind this type of energy production. Solargood Energy was amazing at explaining to me in simple terms how it worked, how much it cost and I was so surprise by how fast it would get paid back!

I am so impressed how Shawn took the time to explain every detail about the installation, generation and also walked me through the process in getting my application approved with BC Hydro. I am very proud to be reducing my families greenhouse gas impact and it’s important to me to show my kids that everyone can make a difference, and at the same time, generate savings forever!

Chris Pack
Chief Operating Officer , Thunderbird Showpark

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